Composite films

Versatile and individual.

Why Composite material?

  • Project-related use
  • Various desired properties
  • Demand-specific composite variants
  • Refinement of the material
  • Different processing options

Networking opportunities

The main uses of the material are in the field of insulation. The lamination options are 2- to 3- layer composite or more. The composite material is also available as a lacquered material and can be provided with a special print. Other possible laminates are glass fabrics and metallised PE/PET (aluminum-vapourised plastic).

In summary

  • 2- to 3- layer laminate or more from 7 µm aluminium foil
  • Lamination with PE/PET/LDPE/PP/nonwoven fabric
  • Also possible for lacquered material
  • available from 12 µm PET upwards
  • Also available as glass scrim or metallised PE/PET

Do you have any questions or specific requirements?

If you have any questions about our products and materials or any specific requirements, we are available to provide you with information.

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